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Waterfront Survey Summary

Waterfront Survey Summary
Since the 1990’s, Hayes Township has had regulations that pertain to waterfront property owners. To better understand the level of awareness that property owners have of these regulations and explore options for future consideration, the planning commission developed a survey for waterfront property owners and township residents in the winter/spring of 2017. Continue reading Waterfront Survey Summary


Hayes Township, Charlevoix County is looking for Township residents to fill 3 positions on the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). The vacancies are a Zoning Board of Appeals regular board member and two alternates to serve on the ZBA. The regular board member will serve on the ZBA for the remainder of a recently vacated term and may be appointed for additional terms. Meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis and are normally held on Wednesdays. The alternates will be asked to serve when regular ZBA members cannot attend meetings or have a conflict of interest.

The Township provides training and ZBA members receive a meeting per diem of $85.00. Please email your letter of interest to Supervisor Van Zee at or call 231-497-4701 if you have any questions.