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Waterfront Survey Summary

Waterfront Survey Summary
Since the 1990’s, Hayes Township has had regulations that pertain to waterfront property owners. To better understand the level of awareness that property owners have of these regulations and explore options for future consideration, the planning commission developed a survey for waterfront property owners and township residents in the winter/spring of 2017. Continue reading Waterfront Survey Summary

Charlevoix County Hayes Township Supervisor Retires

Ethel Knepp

Hayes Township will be losing a dedicated individual who has served the residents of Hayes Township for forty years. Ethel Knepp has chosen to retire from her position of Hayes Township Supervisor. Ethel is a long time resident of Hayes Township who first became involved in township government as a member of the Hayes Township Planning Commission and the  Zoning Board of Appeals in 1976 having been appointed by Township Supervisor Bud Sneathen. She served in those positions until being appointed Zoning Administrator in 1982. She continued as zoning administrator until June 30, 2007.

In 1988 while still serving as zoning administrator, Ethel ran for the elected office of Township Clerk, winning the election and serving as Township Clerk until 2005. During her term as township clerk, Ethel appointed Marlene Golovich as Deputy Clerk. When Ethel resigned as clerk, the Township Board appointed Marlene to fill the clerk position. After serving as Zoning Administrator for 25 years, Ethel took a break from elected office and then ran for and won election as Hayes Township Supervisor in 2006. She has served in that position since then and will retire as supervisor when her term of office expires on November 20, 2016. Continue reading Charlevoix County Hayes Township Supervisor Retires