Hayes Township Hall Rental Agreement

General Statement:

All public meetings or elections scheduled by township officials shall be given scheduling preference by the township hall agent.

The township hall may not be scheduled for consecutive weekends or portions thereof. The use of the township hall office is not included in any rental agreement.

The Hayes Township Hall is available for use by Hayes Township residents. It should be understood that the Hayes Township resident who signs this agreement is responsible for the care of the township hall and for the conduct of those using the hall during the scheduled event.

Cost for repairs and cleaning will be the responsibility of the resident signing this Agreement. Deposits will be used to pay for any damage done that requires repairs. The resident signing the agreement shall be billed if the deposit is not sufficient.

The resident using the township hall shall understand that the privilege of using the township hall shall be withdrawn
by the township’s agent or the township board if cleaning costs and damage repair costs are not paid.

Substantial citizen complaint, police involvement or criminal complaints may also result in the resident losing township hall use privileges.

After each hall use, the township’s agent shall physically inspect the township hall’s premises for cleanliness and damage. An equipment inventory will also be completed.


  • Resident: The Hayes Township resident or Hayes Township property owner responsible and accountable for the township hall. The person who signs the township hall rental agreement.
  • Public Function: Official meetings held by Hayes Township officials.


Category Daily Rate Deposit
Resident $100 $100*
Request for key day or
evening before date rented
50% of Fee Charged
Funeral Dinner none No Charge

* Residents will be responsible for damages incurred above the $100.00 deposit. The deposit is intended to cover cleaning the hall if it is not done by the person who signs the rental agreement.

Please call Kristin Baranski, Clerk at 231-547-6961 and confirm your requested rental date before sending the completed form and payment to:

Hayes Township
09195 Major Douglas Sloan Road
Charlevoix, MI 49720

  1. No alcoholic beverages are permitted within or on the premises of the township hall.
  2. No smoking is permitted within the township hall. Smoking is permitted in the parking lot area provided cigarette butts are not left on the ground.
  3. None of the township hall furniture or fixtures is to be used outside of the township hall.
  4. Township hall activities must be completed and the hall vacated by 1:00 a.m.
  5. No more than 100 people may occupy the township hall at any one time.
  6. The use of tape, tacks, nails etc. are prohibited on any painted surface.
  7. Except for loading and unloading doors are to remain closed.
  8. Upon vacating the township hall, the township resident shall complete the inspection checklist and leave it with the key.

Revised June 2017

Download Hall Rental Agreement form