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Welcome to Hayes Township!

Rolling hills and hugging curves will lead you through the roads of our rural masterpiece. Miles of hiking trails with hilltop water views and untouched forest await. Many roads will draw you into the heart of this area: you will find yourself lost in the pastures and farmland, huge open fields where the deer meander along the brush and eagles soar above the majestic landscape.

We are a part of both the Lake Charlevoix and Lake Michigan shorelines. Several parks offer stunning views of each lake. From glowing sunrises to breathtaking sunsets, there is something to behold in each season of waterfront vistas. Come explore; throw a line in and test your luck at our fishing pier, bundle up and tromp through a snow-covered trail, take a walk along the shore on a cool fall day and soak in the vibrant colors of the changing leaves.

The loons call across inland Susan Lake as the kayakers and small fishing boats glide through the spring-fed waters. Turtles bask along the shores, sharing space with the frogs resting on huge lily pads and cranes carefully navigating the plant life on long made-to-wade legs.

Historic Bay Shore is filled with close-knit neighborhoods and the charm of simpler days. Bay Shore Park is tucked back along the back waterfront shoreline; a quaint, very loved cove with views of blue hued Lake Michigan that take your breath away. Childhood stories of summers spent roaming those woods and roasting marshmallows over a bonfire, purple hazy sunset sky in the backdrop, still linger in the whispers of those trees.

You may find yourself drawn in by the beauty, but for the people who call Hayes Township home, it’s all about our community. Past generations will not hesitate to share their stories of how important it was and is to be a good neighbor. We check in on each other and reach out when there is need. We look out for our neighborhoods and work together to get hard jobs done. When it’s time to bale the hay, you know you can count on your fellow farmers to lend a hand—and they know they can rely on your help when it’s your farm that needs the bales stacked.

We have a free little library and free food pantry for anyone to visit. Traffic is high on our food pantry, and somehow, we always receive an anonymous donation that keeps the food stocked for residents who rely on it. They are managed entirely by volunteers, who work tirelessly to keep resources available to everyone who needs them

Every month we have a community coffee where everyone is invited to come and visit with their neighbors, meet new ones, and enjoy the company of one another. Our incredible first responders frequently join in the event, building an even stronger community relationship.

As residents, being blessed to call Hayes Township home is considered a gift. The people who live here and choose to grow their roots, live seasonally, work the land, raise their families, create special memories, appreciate, and know the extraordinary alignment of the stars to be where we are.

We welcome everyone to come experience our exceptional combination of natural beauty and strength of community. Come join us for a meeting and meet the officials and people who work hard for our residents. Keep an eye out for postings of community events and attend if you can. Turn your GPS off and take turns you have never taken before and get lost in the back country roads that hold the rich history of our township.

Hayes Township—where the beauty of northern Michigan embraces community spirit.

Hayes Township News

Week of Presidential Primary 2024

Regular office hours for Monday, February 26th, will be limited to appointments with Zoning Administrator and any Election business with our Clerk.

Our crew will continue their work inside on Wednesday.  Zoning Administrator will be available noon-2pm by appointment.

Reminder: Election is 7am-8pm on Tuesday, February 27th.