Short Term Rental

The part starting at number of bedrooms is information that the Zoning Assessor would check when the property is inspected.

One as near as possible to the bedrooms.

We will send you the template letter and you will complete it. We will mail the letter to the property owners. Also, we will send you a copy of the property owners that we send the letter to.

The ZA will check all boxes that apply and complete the application form starting at the “Number of bedrooms” to the pictures being taken.

That information would be great to submit but I am also looking for the most recent Health Department permit.

I will be taking photographs to document the property at the time of application. This would be helpful for both the applicant and Hayes Township if there was a future complaint.

Partially correct. The applicant might be someone other than the owner. We would need permission from the owner allowing an agent to apply for their property.

That would be one way of doing it. Remember we would still need the application fee to have a complete application.

The ZA will review the application, make an appointment for a site visit and then issue the license by mail to the owner. A copy could be sent to an agent if requested.

The Board of Trustees recognizes that owners may have contracts signed for the 2013 summer months. They have instructed the ZA to fully implement the Short Term Rental Ordinance by Labor Day 2013. This does not mean you do not need a license by then, or that other rules do not apply. Our expectations are that you still meet most of the other conditions on the ordinance.

Section 4 # 10 of the ordinance states that Tenants could violate the ordinance by creating a nuisance. The ordinance then defines what a nuisance is. The township understands that an owner/operator cannot guarantee that all tenants behave all the time but that procedures can be put in place to educate your tenants to minimize future problems.

The ordinance goes into effect on April 20th 2013. I will be able to accept applications at that time.