Hayes Township Voter Information

Attention Hayes Township Voters: Our fantastic Clerk Kristin Baranski will be in the office the rest of the week from 11am-1pm, and both Saturday and Sunday from 9am-1pm.  You can fill out or request an absentee ballot, or drop one off.  Kristin will show you exactly what happens in the election system when you submit your ballot.  She’s available to answer all of your election questions.  (231)547-6961 is the phone number at the Township Hall.

Regarding voting early in Michigan: You can submit your absentee ballot before Election Day, however, all ballots cast will be tabulated on Tuesday, November 3rd.  If you vote in person on Tuesday, you can watch your ballot be processed.  If you submitted an absentee ballot, our dedicated Election Crew will process all ballots in the tabulator.

Whatever way you decide is best for you, make sure you get out and VOTE!