Important Note From Charlevoix County Recycling

We understand that during this time of pandemic closure, many homes and residents are generating an unusually large amount of refuse.  Unfortunately, many of these items and materials that are not recyclable are making their way to our single stream recycling bins.  Recent items that county staff have had to sort and remove from the bins before being picked up include pillows, fans, food, wood, electronics, adult diapers and clothing/fabric.

Leaving items and materials that do not belong in the recycling is a punishable offense under statute MCL 750.552a, with fines up to $500.  In addition, such actions threaten the future availability of the program.  If the program is not properly used, it may be discontinued by the vendor.  Please, do NOT place items in the recycling that do not belong there, and please discourage others from doing so as well.

While we understand that many residents have had time available to do spring cleaning and other projects while staying home, we hope residents understand that the single stream recycling bins are NOT the place to dispose of everything someone may need to discard.  Single stream recycling does NOT replace regular trash disposal needs or waste drop-off needs, such as furniture and building materials.

Additionally, Charlevoix County Recycling cannot accept or hold household hazardous waste items prior to the events, as we have no facilities to do so and those items go directly onto vendors trucks and trailers at the time of the events.  We will be announcing our adjusted dates for this year’s event(s) as soon as possible.

We encourage you to please share this information, and thank you for your assistance with ensuring the longevity of this great program!

Charlevoix County Recycling