Safe Haven Baby Box

Hayes Township Residents:  Today, at our Special Board of Trustee meeting, the board approved a resolution to have a Safe Haven Baby box installed at the new EMS building.

This baby box will be the first one in Michigan, and we are proud and humbled to make this available in our community.  The baby box offers a safe and anonymous option for parents in crisis to surrender an infant in a climate controlled enclosure.  Once the baby is in the box, it automatically connects to 911 and first responders are able to attend to the baby within 5 minutes.

If this box saves one baby, it will be worth having available.

Several residents have reached out with questions on making donations for the Safe Haven Baby box cost and installation.  We estimate the total cost to be between $12-16,000.  If anyone is interested in making a donation specifically for this project, you can send a check to the Hayes Township Hall at 9195 Major Douglas Sloan Road, Charlevoix,  MI  49720.  You can also leave a donation in our drop box.  Please make a note that the money is directed to the Safe Haven Baby box.  Your donation is tax deductible, and we will send receipts to all donors.

Thank you to everyone involved for helping to make this a reality.