Spring Clean up is Saturday!

Spring Clean Up

June 20th is our Hayes Township Spring Clean-up!  We have gotten quite a few questions from our residents, so here is a review of what people have been asking.


Do not put out: electronics or old TV’s, shingles, any fluids, tires, concrete, bricks, or hazardous materials.

Can we put out mattresses?

Yes, but they can NOT be wet.  This makes them too heavy for the drivers to load.  Use your best judgement if you are putting old mattresses out.  They will NOT be picked up if they are wet.

Will burn barrels be picked up?

Sure, as long as they are emptied of their debris, you can put them out.

Can I put an old couch out?  What about carpeting?

Yes, but it has to be cut into 3-foot sections.

Old carpet can be put out in bound 4 X 4 sections.

Can I put out an old appliance?

Yes.  If you are putting out an old fridge you must remove the freon first.


When in doubt, give us a call or e-mail with any questions.